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Jessica Baxter

Camp is a foundational part of who I am. It is shaped my life path, influenced the friends that color my life, and inspired me to continually look beyond myself. From the first time I guided a young girl in a wheelchair across the grassy path of Camp Story, I have chosen roads that lead me to helping others. In high school, I was a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters. While in college, I travelled on mission trips and earned a teaching degree in music. After a long career at the Boys and Girls Club, I am now working for True Care Women’s Resource Center. Each year at camp, I am reminded of what it means to find the joy in every moment and humbled by the triumph of love above all else.

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Melissa Trujillo

I started coming to camp out of high school because I was looking for something fun to do. What I didn't know was that my life would change that week. I cannot even begin to tell you how much camp has impacted me. The counselors and campers amaze me every year with their fun and engaging spirits. Since that first year, I have served as a counselor, key staff, board member, and Director. When not at camp I am busy planning for the next year. I live in Casper, WY and I am the Director of Guest Services at Banner Wyoming Medical Center. I enjoy spoiling my nieces and nephews and am known as the family photographer. My life motto is live each day to the fullest.


Bree Daniels

Hi everyone, Bree here! We are excited to announce that we have a new addition to our family, our daughter Daisy, so I will be taking care of her and unable to direct this summer. I do hope to visit, though, and am happy to share that Addison Roush and Daniel Newman will be ‘learning the ropes” in my absence. I am confident that they will keep the fun and laughter coming!

Our Camp has been a love and passion of mine since I can remember. Not just the camp itself, but the people involved. Our Camp is a family, whether related by blood or not, we are all related through our passion of inclusion. Love, family, passion, friendships, and laughter bring me back year after year and I hope they will you too. Can't wait to see you all this summer!

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Patrick Doyle

Hi guys . . . Last year was a blast! I’m sorry to say that I will be unable to join you this year because I am getting married! I am eager to share that I have also joined the Board of Directors for Our Camp and will be helping out that way as well. My favorite thing about Camp is that everyone comes together to form wonderful lifelong memories, so I will be back for more great food, fun, and friendship soon!

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Angel Foster

I have been submersed in the disability field since I was young and now work as a case manager in Wyoming and serve as a guardian to several others who have stolen my heart. I manage a Special Olympics team in Powell and was a charter member of the Kiwanis Aktion Club in Sturgis. I recently founded a program to help people with disabilities to build social capital. I believe it's important that people of all abilities have access to all experiences. Camp has taught me that there isn't much that can't be modified from toilets and shower stalls to relay races. I am also the only girl of six which my brothers say makes me bossy but I prefer to say I am efficient, well spoken, and ‘persistently helpful.’

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Jacob McIntyre

I am a Wyoming raised, dirt-playing, and fast-paced boy that loves being at camp. Being present at camp and creating friendships is where I belong regardless of the role I fulfill. Camp has taught me many different leadership skills such as organization, delegation, and efficiency. Nothing teaches better than hands-on experience in a forgiving and loving environment. Fun fact: you will catch me dancing ONLY at the camp dance. Don’t miss your chance to see me in action

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Tara Wilcox

Growing up as a member of the Baker family, Our camp has been a priority for me since childhood. I watched “the sisters” give of themselves selflessly to create an experience the campers would never forget. They inspired my own career in the disability field for over 22 years. I currently live in Rapid City and work with Innovative Nonprofit, supporting other nonprofit organizations to advance their mission. I have a passion for nonprofit leadership and project management, all of which I attribute to my history with planning and operating camp every summer. It is a place of unconditional acceptance where everyone belongs.

Meet Our Founders


Over 40 years ago, the Baker sisters saw a need and decided to fill it.  Originally a program under the Crippled Children’s Society, they helped to operate summer camps in Buffalo, WY.  When the non-profit closed, they chose to keep the tradition moving forward as “Our Camp,” named fondly by those who had attended over the prior decade.  The name solidified what the Baker sisters believed . . .that everyone deserves a place to belong.

Unconditional acceptance became the shared value from that point forward.

Mary Jean Roush, Beverly Bates, Patsy Roush, Jodi Smith, Nancy McIntyre, Shirley Allen

Our Camp is the Inspiration of the Baker Family, Who Believe that Everyone Deserves a Place Where They Belong.