Our Camps

2023 Youth Camp

Directors: Jessica Baxter & Melissa Trujillo

Dates: 7/25-7/29

For children age 5 to 18 with one-on-one counseling to provide direct care, focused support, and ongoing supervision while engaging in group activities.

2023 Traditional Adult Camp

Directors: Bree Daniels & Patrick Doyle

Dates: 7/30-8/3

For adults who prefer an active camp session with a full schedule of activities from morning to night. Support and guidance is offered through a group counselor approach.

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2023 Supported Adult Camp

Directors: Angel Foster & Tara Wilcox

Dates: 7/21-7/24

For older adults or those who prefer a shorter, slower-paced camp experience or who need an elevated level of personal care support. For the best camp experience, caregivers often accompany these campers.

2023 Independent Adult Camp

Directors: Jacob McIntyre & Tara Wilcox

Dates: 8/4-8/7

For adults with minor disabilities who often live independently and function with minimal support. Counselors are available to provide guidance and companionship.