Our Camps

2023 Youth Camp

Directors: Jessica Baxter & Melissa Trujillo

Dates: 7/25-7/29

For children age 5 to 18 with one-on-one counseling to provide direct care, focused support, and ongoing supervision while engaging in group activities.

2023 Traditional Adult Camp

Directors: Bree Daniels & Patrick Doyle

Dates: 7/30-8/3

For adults who prefer an active camp session with a full schedule of activities from morning to night. Support and guidance is offered through a group counselor approach.

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2023 Supported Adult Camp

Directors: Angel Foster & Tara Wilcox

Dates: 7/21-7/24

For older adults or those who prefer a shorter, slower-paced camp experience or who need an elevated level of personal care support. For the best camp experience, caregivers often accompany these campers.

Cancelled for 2023

2023 Independent Adult Camp

Directors: Jacob McIntyre & Tara Wilcox

Dates: 8/4-8/7

For adults with minor disabilities who often live independently and function with minimal support. Counselors are available to provide guidance and companionship.